A brisk bit of business for Bojan


The Bojan Krkic transfer saga has finally come to an end as Barcelona and Roma have agreed upon a deal which has got quite a few interested. The initial transfer fee that the Giallorossi will pay Barça is €12m, but the Catalans have inserted a mandatory buy-back clause which will see Bojan return to Spain for €13m in the summer of 2013. However, if Roma want to retain his services, thus blocking the buy-back clause, they will have to cough up an additional €28m.
While the details of this deal might not be the easiest to understand, it essentially has paved the way for Roma to sign a high class talent for two years. The qualities that Bojan will bring to Roma have already been deliberated in an earlier article, so we look at the financial intricacies and what it means for the Giallorossi.
One of the overbearing factors on this bit of brisk business has to be UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations which will come into effect from next season. The way things have panned out, Roma have paid well below the valuation of the player. Furthermore, Barcelona have obtained funds allowing them to pursue other market targets, or even balance their books for a short period of time, before they exercise the buy-back option.
This deal, while not the first of its kind to employ a buy-back clause, is smart business by both clubs and is something that might become a model worth following. Farming out talent to other clubs for a sizeable fee only to buy-back the player at a higher price sets its own kind of money lending system in place. In the case of Bojan, if there are particularly high expectations from the player it ensures that the his ultimate ownership stays in the hands of the parent club whilst allowing the other one to benefit from his services. In Roma’s case this is a win-win as they lack the financial muscle of their other Italian rivals to make an outright purchase.
The Giallorossi’s new ownership is keen to avoid the mistakes of other European clubs, where a huge investment has been made in the first few years of the regime only to then become severely tight-fisted. President Thomas Di Benedetto has spoken of the need for time for his vision of Roma to come to fruition and signing players with huge potential, like Bojan and Erik Lamela, could turn out to be a masterstroke. The relatively little amount of money spent on these youngsters is ideal for a club that is aiming to regain its financial stability without compromising its competitiveness. Coach Luis Enrique looks to have a definitive project in mind for this Roma side and while the comparisons to Barça are obvious, his ways are proving to be quite unique yet.
The purses in Serie A will start feeling lighter from this season as only the top three will have an opportunity to compete in the lucrative UEFA Champions League. Remarkably, in the last three years, three different teams captured that final European spot, but now there will be more of them left out. In such times, finding exciting new ways to sign promising players could become the decisive factor between success and failure.
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