A landmark signing for Cesena

Cesena has probably made one of the best transfer moves of the summer by signing Romanian veteran striker Adrian Mutu from Fiorentina. The ex-Inter star’s arrival is significant not just for the team but the club as a whole.
Mutu is probably what Cesena most needed. Last year, cavallucci marini played an entertaining football and were led out of the relegation zone by Marco Parolo, Luis Antonio Jimenez, Erjon Bogdani and Emanuele Giaccherini, who scored 29 goals between them. There was not, however, a striker that could be expected to score regularly, Sunday after Sunday: with the acquisition of Mutu, that void should be filled.
There are understandable concerns over the Romanian’s behaviour on and off the pitch, but he has stated his will to improve himself as a man and to be an example for his new colleagues. However, his class is not questionable and he has vast experience of top flight football. Mutu is not only far better than the strikers currently in Cesena’s ranks, but he is likely to be the best footballer seen around the Romagnan town in ages.
Even more important, his choice to accept a move to Cesena is a sign of the reputation that the club and its president Igor Campedelli have gained during last season. When the club was promoted to Serie A for the first time since 1990, it was a common opinion that it would have soon returned to the second tier. In January, when relegations seemed more than a possibility, Cesena had become the team where nobody wanted to go.
Nicola Legrottaglie claimed that God suggested him not to sign for the club, while Massimo Maccarone chose Sampdoria over cavalluccio declaring that he did not want to join a team involved in a relegation battle. Six months later, Big Mac is preparing for a season in the second tier while Cesena plans to establish itself in Serie A.
The choice of the Romanian to sign for a minnow club has led to comparisons with players who made similar moves, like Roberto Baggio, Beppe Signori and Marco Di Vaio. According to Mutu, it was Campedelli, with his ambitious project and his clear ideas on how to achieve successes, that convinced him to join the club and accept to reduce his wage.
Actually it was during last season that the president proved to know how to handle a football club, sticking to his own decisions and refusing to sack Head Coach Mario Ficcadenti despite pressure from the fans. Campedelli has also promised the former Fiorentina striker that a “good side” will be assembled in three years. Given the ability of the club to scout and recruit unknown talents, as the case of Yuto Nagatomo illustrates, there is more than a chance to see Cesena improve in the future.
At the moment nobody, not even Mutu, is thinking about European competitions, but if the likes of Parolo and Giaccherini will stay at the club, there is a chance that in the coming years the aim will not be just to avoid relegation.

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