Adriano: “To Flamengo in June”

Adriano returned to Rome yesterday after a six-day delay in his arrival but on his way to Italy he is reported to have told Brazilian journalists that he will come back to the country very soon.
The striker has struggled to make an impact with Roma this season and has hardly featured for the Giallorossi. Despite this he is keen to stay with them through to the end of the season but wants to go back home in June.
“In June, I will play for Flamengo. Can you come to pick me up at the airport? I am very sad to leave all this and start travelling back”, said Adriano according to Marca Brasil.
The ex-Inter man will also be severly late in arriving back to train with Roma as he was supposed to have joined the team last week but was held up with passport problems and family concerns.
“I had a serious problem in the family. My uncle, my father’s brother, had a heart attack and is hospitalized, in a very bad condition. I’m very attached to my father’s family, this problem has left me very shaken.
“I spent the New Year with my mother and am obviously very upset by it. We are all concerned. I reported what had to Roma and I think there will be no problems there.”

Adriano who only arrived at the Lupi at the beginning of this season however, feels that he has had enough of a return to Italy and now wants to come back to Brazil for good.
“I’ve stood there long enough. No one is made of iron. I’ll be even happier when I return to Brazil. And for Flamengo. I want to thank the Giallorossi and for the next few months I will give my all.”
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