Agnelli: Krasic is a victim of media witch-hunt

Juventus patron Andrea Agnelli has accused the media of being overly aggressive towards Milos Krasic who was accused during the Juventus-Bologna clash on Sunday. “There was no penalty on Iaquinta or Krasic, nor the need for the media pressure exerted on the player, who in every game is kicked out at 4-5 times”.
Agnelli stated that Juventus were considering legal action against some of the reports published in the media: “On Sunday afternoon, we alerted our lawyers in light of the media witch-hunt that was being waged by certain journalists based on the ethnicity of the player”.
It is expected that the Serb will get the verdict of his disqualification sometime today after video evidence of the game was used against him belatedly. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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