Atalanta look to win the impossible fight

In Greek mythology the character Atalanta was abandoned and left for dead by King Iasus as he wanted boy for an heir. Given no hope of survival, the story tells of how she brought herself up and against all odds fought back until once again she was reunited with her Father. Fighting back against all odds is a characteristic that the Atalanta of Serie A certainly share with their Greek namesake.
The ‘Orobici’ started the Serie A campaign on the back foot after incurring a six point penalty deduction for being involved in a betting scandal. This not only saw their immediate future in Italy’s top flight come under threat, but also caused them to loose star man Cristaino Doni, who was issued a three year ban for his part. Atalanta are now going to appeal this ban as without the six point penalty they would be top of Serie A.
Atalanta Sporting director Pierpaolo Marino spoke after the game against Novara in the press conference stating that “What has been done in these games is like a miracle. We’d be first without the penalty? For now we must look back. Of course, if Coni returns credibility and sincerity to us and to our captain, who deserves it, we could aim for something more.”
Atalanta have done exceedingly well so far this term and remain undefeated. Their opening game saw them overcome a tough away day in Genoa where they earned a 2-2 draw, This was followed up with a fantastic home win against Palermo and an equally good three points at Lecce. Last weekends game against Novara saw the ‘Orobici’go two goals in front thanks to a good header from Ezequiel Schelotto and then a fine 20 yard strike from Luca Cigarini. There was however, a scare for Atalanta at the end of the game when Filippo Porcari’s shot went through Atalanta goalkeeper Andrea Consigli with a minute to go. Norava also thought they had snatched a point at the end but this was ruled offside.
Atalanta is a club not only with a project but also one with an identity. The continued want to attack teams and play in their own style mixed with their long standing tradition of bringing through good Italian youth players shows they have clear objectives. This was emphasised by Pierpaolo Marino: “Ours is an Italian project, which comes from President Antonio Percassi, a former Atalanta Serie A captain who developed in the Orobici’s youth sector. Now we have Mino Favini as head of that youth sector, one that in recent years has produced talent, to the luck of Atalanta, that has allowed for capital gains on the transfer market and a discreet budget to buy players.”
Atalanta’s clear goals and incredible focus on the task in hand is serving them well so far this term. Should they manage to appeal their punishment and get their captain back then things will look a lot brighter in Bergamo. They are not however relying on this and are prepared to fight and drag themselves back from their fate which they think unfair. The card which they have been dealt in their eyes is wrong and their determination to fight this in anyway possible is admirable. This just may mean that come May, the Atalanta of this year could have created a mythological status of their own. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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