Benitez issues Inter walk-out threat

Inter Coach Rafa Benitez has issued the club with an ultimatum to sign players in the January transfer window if they want to see him continue with the Nerazzurri. The Spaniard’s broadside at the management came in the aftermath of Inter’s victory in the Club World Cup.
Benitez was under intense scrutiny in the past few weeks as his side slipped to five defeats in seven games in all competitions before the World Cup. And he used the success in the competition to raise a few concerns about Inter’s policies.
“I need the support of the club, I am specifically talking about the transfer market. I’ve spoken with the President before and he knows what is it that I want.”
“I have been polite, I did my work and I received the criticism. Now I say that if Inter want Rafa Benitez as their coach he needs to have a support one hundred per cent, control over everything that is going on. That way, later, there won’t be just one culprit.”

The relationship between the Coach and President has seen its fair share of strain with Moratti saying he ‘felt betrayed’ after Inter’s defeat to Werder Bremen in the Champions League. Benitez later clearly elaborated what he sought from the Inter management.
“I was promised three new signings and nobody arrived. Now there are three options available to us. Inter can buy three new players. We can carry on like this to the end of the season, in which case I’ll be made to feel like the only one responsible for the situation. The third option is that Inter can reach an agreement with my agent.”
Moratti had also previously stated that a few years ago, he would have probably sacked Benitez and such words have obviously stayed with the Spanish tactician. The President however, was non-committal in addressing the issue.
“Today, is a day of celebrations. Now is not the time to be discussing these things, we will talk about them later. It’s not something that we’ll decide now.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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