Cassano agent claims Antonio is the victim of plan to ditch him

The agent of Antonio Cassano has claimed that the controversial striker is actually the victim of the incident that looks set to end his Sampdoria career, according to Corriere dello Sport.
Cassano sparked fury by failing to attend an awards dinner with Riccardo Garrone, Samp’s president. The pair then had a furious row the morning after, before Cassano refused to sign a document that confirmed his apology. Garrone will now seemingly terminate Cassano’s contract, but the player’s agent has stuck up for him.
Giuseppe Bozzo said: “He is very down, depressed and horrified. At this moment, Antonio is distraught and has been torn apart. Antonio has given so much to Sampdoria and is very tied to the team, but now he feels betrayed.
“I have done everything in my power to put things right. I came to Genoa and personally listened to the phone conversation between Antonio and President Garrone. When I left, everything seemed to be fine.
“Quite frankly, the logic of this whole affair eludes me. The only explanation I can think of is that Sampdoria want to get rid of Antonio. If this is a way to get rid of him, just say so.
“He wanted to stay home with his wife. Money was not an issue. I was at Antonio’s house on Wednesday evening and I was present when he called the President. Everything was clarified, they ended the conversation on good terms. Evidently something happened between that night and the next morning, as the cards on the table changed.”

About the apology document that Cassano refused to sign, Bozzo claimed: “It’s a document that is completely illogical. They dug their heels in over this document, which would’ve gone to the Sampdoria Board of Directors, confirming President Garrone had received the formal and official apology from the player.
“I did not oppose the document per se, but I did oppose to the approach. They told Cassano ‘you have to sign or we’ll leak the story.’” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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