Club Focus – Inter – How do you solve a problem like Mourinho [does]?

For a man who claims that he wants to coach Inter, José Mourinho is certainly making all the moves of a person who is angling to join another club. Other than making enemies of everyone who even comes near him with an opinion differing from his own, José has this week been talking about how much he misses the festive football season in England. Whilst we can all sympathise with the feeling that less football to watch is not a good thing, after accusing other Coaches – including Fabio Capello – of lacking in professionalism for commenting on things that do not concern them, it seems somewhat unprofessional of Mourinho to constantly express his admiration for his former workplace whilst under contract in Italy.

It has been a difficult season for the ‘Special One’ so far, but if he is honest, even with all the off-pitch drama, he is in a much better position than his rivals, especially Ciro Ferrara, so surely it cannot be all bad? Whenever trouble seems to be brewing for him, he manages to avoid it, or manipulate events so things end up in his favour. Even people who doubt his talent as a Coach would be forced to admit that there is something about the former Chelsea man which means he emerges from even the most ridiculous of his self-made dramas stronger than before.


In a more general Milan-based piece of news, Clarence Seedorf has hit out at both Inter and Juventus players this week, claiming they fake injuries and roll around on the floor too much. Quite why the Rossoneri player has chosen this opportunity to take a shot at his club’s two main rivals is unclear, but he would do well to pass this wisdom onto a few of his own team mates as well. Whilst Seedorf – who is a man built like a brick wall – does not often indulge in post-challenge theatrics, it is not unknown for Alexandre Pato to be seen on the floor, or indeed Nelson Dida, the perpetrator of what may be the most comical piece of diving ever. In fact, it is so bad, we have decided to include the video at the end of the focus for your viewing pleasure.

With Roberto Mancini’s appointment at Manchester City this week, the rumour mill has been on overdrive with speculation about Nerazzurri players moving to Eastlands. So far, Mario Balotelli, Iván Córdoba and Douglas Maicon have all been linked with a move, and no doubt by the end of the year the rest of the first-team will have been as well. Quite why all these players would want to move from the Italian champions to a team that is struggling to find consistency is not clear, but football writers in the daily papers have to find something to write about when the news for the day is slow, and transfer rumours are as good a topic as any. Another strange rumour is the one involving Júlio Baptista and a potential move to the Giuseppe Meazza. ‘The Beast’ has struggled to break into Roma’s first-team this season, but why he would have better luck at a side with a deeper strike force is anyone’s guess.

Now that the winter break has started, Calcio lovers will have to be patient until the beginning of January until their teams take the pitch again. For Inter fans, the most important date when the season resumes will be Sunday 24 January, when the eyes of the footballing world will be on the next instalment of the Derby della Madonnina, a match which may, by that point, represent the chance for la Beneamata to drive the final nail into the coffin of their city rivals’ title chances.

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How do you solve a problem like Mourinho [does]?
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