Club Focus – Inter – Mourinho needs league form fast

This week should be encouraging for Inter. Seeing Milan play much better than expected, in attack at least, against Manchester United and Fiorentina compete well against Bayern Munich and the referee, will give the Nerazzurri confidence for their tie against Chelsea next Wednesday. But first they have to get past a fired-up Sampdoria this weekend.

This would be the bad news for Inter from this week, because, as Giampaolo Pazzini said, Sampdoria feel like the have nothing to lose and everything to gain when they travel to the Giuseppe Meazza. If this turns out to be the feeling of coach Luigi Del Neri as well, then the Blucerchiati will most likely come out and attack the champions. And given Inter’s indifferent form lately, it could cause them some problems. On the other hand, the match could be just what la Beneamata need to find some scoring form after their last two 0-0 draws in Serie A. Jose Mourinho would no doubt rather go to Stamford Bridge with a team that have shown some recent scoring potential. Sampdoria looked very good against Fiorentina last weekend, and will go into the match full of confidence. Mourinho’s usual tendency towards caution could well serve his side well in the opening of the game as Inter need to take control and dampen any early enthusiasm from the visitors.

Champions League aside, it is important that Inter get back to winning ways in Serie A if only to curb the new-found belief in the capital that Roma can win lo Scudetto this season. It will not have escaped attention in Milan that the Giallorossi are on a long unbeaten run, and every time Inter fail to win it serves to fuel the belief of the Romans. The last thing that Inter want is to end up in a title race, and they need to up their league form now in order to maintain the gap.


In what should really be considered non-news because it is, quite frankly, confusing why the Italian media make such a big deal about it – Mario Balotelli was seen in the crowd this week for Milan’s game against Manchester United. It is no secret that Balotelli is a fan of the Rossoneri, but there are plenty of professional footballers that support teams other than the one that they play for. If this were any other Inter player it would not be receiving anywhere near as much attention. But because Balotelli has a tendency to be quite an explosive character these little things are taken as signs of instability. One paper even suggested that this is the youngster’s way of showing Mourinho what he wants from his rumoured transfer, a move to join the Diavolo. Sandro Mazzola even felt the need to speak out in defence of ‘Super Mario.’ He said: “It does not feel right making a huge commotion about this. It has been exaggerated. He belongs to a generation where the players of Inter do not go to see Milan and vice-versa. He has already told the papers he supports Milan, this is why the fans are upset.” As long as Balotelli keeps performing on the pitch for Inter, it does not matter which team he supports.

Speaking of nonsense in the media, Luciano Moggi has wasted yet more breath by making known his belief that Inter, Milan and Fiorentina will all exit the Champions League in the current round. Fortunately, there is nobody left that really cares what the ex-Juventus chief has to say. As it turns out – as it always turns out – this was just another excuse for him to make the case that calciopoli never existed. If it was simply the pain of seeing his beloved Bianconeri fall so far behind Inter then his periodic outbursts would be understandable, but it is not. It is his bitterness at no longer being relevant.

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Mourinho needs league form fast
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