Club Focus – Inter – Nine points clear

It is difficult to decide whether Inter’s 1-1 draw with Parma was one point gained or two points lost. Of course, in reality, it is both, but from the perspective of the Nerazzurri it surely has to be, as President Moratti said, considered a good result. Inter did not play particularly well, but managed to draw the game, and it was a rescheduled midweek away fixture played in terribly cold conditions. The sort of game that many teams would lose because they simply did not want to be there.

Mario Balotelli came on and scored the equaliser which is a good sign, because if there is any truth to all the recent rumours of friction between he and Coach José Mourinho, then ‘Super Mario’ does not appear to be letting it interfere with his football. This should also help to quell the constant speculation about his future at the club. Balotelli is a good player, and has the potential to be a very good, possibly even a great one. Inter know what a good player they have and will not sell him unless it appears that there is no way that they can keep him at the club or he refuses to play. As much fun as it is to talk about possible transfers to Arsenal or CSKA Moscow or any other club, Inter realise that selling Balotelli at the moment would not make sense, and they will keep him for as long as they can.


Sampdoria on Sunday may prove to be a difficult game, as the side from Genoa have been playing well recently, and la Beneamata will have one eye on the game with Chelsea next week. As generally happens before these big games, José Mourinho has been taunting the opposition, through the medium of backhanded praise. The Coach talked about how the structure at the London club is very similar to that which he put in place, and how only Branislav Ivanović and Nicolas Anelka are the only players in the team that are not former members of his squad. He praised Carlo Ancelotti for not making big changes and called him a good Coach, but a compliment has rarely come so loaded. Stoking the fire has long been Mourinho’s technique for dealing with high pressure situations, but considering the magnitude of the game next week, and Inter’s indifferent form in the Champions League so far this season, this technique of moving the pressure off his team and onto himself may not be working so well. Perhaps it is time for José to try and keep the Nerazzurro side of Milan drama-free for a change? Ancelotti, on the other hand, has responded by saying that he has no doubts that his side will be victorious over the two legs, and that Inter could not have drawn a worse opponent to their chances of progression than his new side.

One puzzling story this week has been Guti’s reiteration of his love for Inter, but that he wants to stay at Madrid for the rest of his career. There have been reports linking him with a move to the Giuseppe Meazza recently, and Guti has explained that he has great admiration for the Italian champions as well as being very good friends with both Wesley Sneijder and Samuel Eto’o. He said that he would welcome the chance “with open arms” to move to Inter, but his heart is still with Real and that is where he intends to stay.

The final story in this club focus is the somewhat bizarre tale of how police foiled a plot by a Macedonian gang to rob the home of José Mourinho. Police in Genoa found documents containing information about the Coach, as well as information detailing his movements so that the gang could strike when he was not at home. As a result, Mourinho will apparently be increasing the security at his home, but he need not worry because it seems that even criminals do not want to meet him in the flesh and be on the wrong end of one of his famous rants.

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