Club Focus – Inter – Worry about yourself, not your rivals

Despite having a visit from Genoa this weekend, Inter could be forgiven for having one eye on the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday night when Roma take on Milan in a clash that should sort out whether the Giallorossi’s recent hope of a Scudetto challenge is legitimate. A few weeks ago, a win for Roma in this fixture would have been a good bet to place, but in the last couple of games they have struggled.

From an Inter perspective, the winner of the game will not matter if the Nerazzurri get the win against Genoa, because at the very worst, their advantage over Milan remains the same. Both Roma and Milan have shown signs that they could well fall apart before the end of the season, and so José Mourinho’s team have to keep their sights very firmly set on the task ahead of them, not the teams behind them.

One positive sign for Inter is Genoa’s 3-4 home loss to Bologna last week. The Rossoblu have been having a somewhat inconsistent season – especially compared to the giddy heights last year – as last week’s result and the previous week’s 3-0 victory over Udinese demonstrates. Now it may seem that playing an opponent in such variable form is a dangerous prospect, and thar could well be the case, but Inter, who have not been brilliant themselves recently, would much rather face a Genoa team that could go either way than a Genoa team playing really well.


One aspect of last weekend’s match against Udinese that simply has to be mentioned is the wonderful goal by Douglas Maicon. The Brazilian was looking like a player that is close to his best form and the goal, which came from a move that he both started with a great pass to Diego Milito and then finished, is absolutely fantastic. On a similar note, Mario Balotelli put in another performance that will have Inter fans hoping that his recent good behaviour can continue. As expected in an international week, his performance led to people calling for his inclusion in the Azzurri’s World Cup squad, which may prove to be premature, but if Lippi is willing to take a chance on a player, then ‘Super Mario’ would be as good as anyone. However, given his reluctance to call up Antonio Cassano, a player that is not a million miles away from Balotelli in terms of character, then it is unlikely that the youngster will see any international playing time this side of the tournament in the summer.

Luciano Moggi – admittedly, he does not have anything to do with Inter, but his inclusion in this club focus is because he was the ringleader of the scheme that kept the Nerazzurri downtrodden in Serie A for so long. Moggi has this week, yet again, stated that Calciopoli was an invention made up to remove him from Juventus and ruin the club that he loves. His line of argument this time is that there are more refereeing controversies now than there ever were when he was still with la Vecchia Signora. The reason, of course, Luciano, is that now Juventus also complain about referees, as well as Inter and Milan because things no longer always go the way of the Bianconeri. There are bound to be more controversial moments that the playing field has been levelled.

The final word this week comes from Balotelli, who has told of a meeting he had with Cristiano Ronaldo – then playing for Manchester United – when the two teams met in the Champions League last season. “I asked for Ronaldo’s jersey and he told me he already gave it to someone else,” said the striker. “I replied, ‘I will become stronger than you.’” Whilst his motivation for such a comment does seem a little strange, his confidence in his own ability should not be doubted, and who knows? Maybe he will eventually be correct.

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