Club Focus – Juventus – The Rocky Horror Show

There are only so many times you can continue to discuss the inadequacies of the team and one would think there are only so many times a team like Juventus can lose.


Smaller teams always love to beat a team in the top four and the task is even more satisfying when it is a legendary club like Juventus. With the Bianconeri suffering from low self esteem and an absurdly high number of injuries, opponents are just dying for the chance to take all three points sensing that for once, it appears to be an easy task. There is an added thrill that comes with beating the Bianconeri and it is a thrill that may well instil an opponent with the necessary confidence to have one last push before the season ends.

With the team that Alberto Zaccheroni fielded, it is hardly surprisingly that they were pummelled in such a way. Barring the ageing Alessandro Del Piero and perhaps Mauro Camoranesi, there was no form of creativity within the team. Players such as Claudio Marchisio were still playing out of position in favour of the burly defensive midfield duo in the middle who have yet to hatch a plan as to how to pass the ball from the back to the top. With Marchisio forced on to the left wing again, he seemed lost as to how work the flank and continued performances like these may well see him lose his place in the World Cup.

Furthermore it is puzzling why the formation continues to change every week. It is obvious that the players are struggling so asking them to play differently week in and week out is hardly a method that will ease them out of this difficult period. Zac has two young starlets on the bench in the form of Antonio Candreva and Sebastian Giovinco that would have at least been able to conjure up moments of creativity between them in the middle and with both eager to prove they have a future in the club, they would have both played with the determination necessary to keep Juve in the game, but they were left on standby and only brought on when it seemed impossible for the visitors to get back into the game.

It is fairly obvious that the Old Lady is simply unable to keep a clean sheet this season and she can hardly keep one without Giorgio Chiellini present considering three out of her four defenders are on the verge of collecting their pension. As such, the tactic should always be pure attack in hope of scoring a few that would allow for the defence to concede a couple. However, for some reason the Coach keeps playing it safe and thus Juve continue to embarrass themselves out there against teams that will celebrate their big win all through the night.

It is safe to conclude that after Saturday, a fourth place finish is almost inconceivable at this point and even worse, it seems the team is long away from a side that could mount serious challenges in Europe and at home. As for the squad, it is in need of a major facelift and most should be shown the door and many areas need to be bolstered. The club requires attacking midfielders, strikers, wingers and an entire back line. The defence in particular needs a complete overhaul and the pensioners should make way for younger hopefuls who can actually run quicker than a centipede. Paolo de Ceglie may be a talented individual but he is most definitely not the fullback Juve have been searching for and if he hopes to stay then he should be played in midfield as his defensive abilities leave a lot to be desired. Many goals have been conceded because of his errors and although he does not have the luxury of playing each week to improve, he really ought to be doing a lot better considering the jersey he is wearing.

The last horror show that was not witnessed by Jean-Claude Blanc as he was busy sunning himself in the Cote d’Azur seems to have angered the Elkann family and news are rapidly emerging of a possible dismissal. Despite the questionable errors in judgement the Frenchman may have made, his ability to keep Juve sailing though economically means that he should be allowed to stay. Having him juggle three roles which require him to have calcio knowledge is not wise but neither is telling him to go when he masterminded the building of a new stadium. Juve have lost their style and they cannot continue to sack their way through to salvation. Football experts should be brought in an attempt to have a better season next year as opposed to operating a revolving door although perhaps they should send Alessio Secco through it. The season is over for Juve and only Elkann knows how long it will take to revive this team. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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