Club Focus – Milan – Rossoneri trying to regroup amid rumours about Ronaldinho’s partying

Coach Leonardo must have hung his head in disbelief after reports claims his star player Ronaldinho was partying ahead of the Milan derby. The Brazilian playmaker is renowned for his partying habit but has lately been praised for his resurgence which coincided with the Rossoneri’s surge up the standings. Obviously Ronaldinho was credited with being one of the main reasons behind the club’s rise after a dismal start to the season which featured a 4-0 drubbing by Inter.

Unfortunately for the gifted Brazilian, they succumbed to their city rivals once again and have struggled in their two matches following the Milan derby. They failed to beat Livorno after losing to Udinese in the Coppa Italia. With the club eliminated from the cup and virtually incapable of challenging Inter for the Serie A title, it looks as if the Champions League will be Milan’s only hope for glory this season. The main problem is the club’s lack of depth which limits the options at Leonardo’s disposal. For instance, the team has struggled since Alessandro Nesta’s injury forced him to skip the derby followed by the two other matches. Milan’s defense looks shaky in his absence and veteran Giuseppe Favalli cannot properly deputise. Speaking of Nesta, he has had a solid season so far prompting calls for his return to the squad from a plethora of sources with the latest praise coming from none other than Inter’s outspoken defender Marco Materazzi, who referred to Nesta as his idol.


Going back to the Ronaldinho topic, the player took the opportunity to release an abrupt yet clear message denying he was involved in organising a party, while claiming he was simply an invited guest at a hotel. The statement itself does not completely exonerate the player as the correct message given by Ronaldinho does not really exclude his involvement in a party. He is actually denying the notion he was the person behind it yet he confirmed he was invited to a hotel as a guest. Apparently, Ronaldinho still has his priorities mixed up as his minor drop in form in the last couple of games has coincided with his team’s inefficiency in front of goal. Ronaldinho’s most notable contribution in his last couple of appearances has been the missed penalty-kick against Inter. Leonardo will have his hands full trying to steady the slightly sinking ship while trying to balance between managing Ronaldinho’s behaviour and setting example for others. The club reportedly fined Ronaldinho, yet Vice-President Adriano Galliani refused to discuss the details and did not confirm whether the Brazilian forward was indeed fined. The fact Galliani did not deny the fining of the player suggests it is likely to be true.

In a week during which few of Milan’s key figures emerged unscathed, Galliani was at the centre of President Silvio Berlusconi’s rant against the signing of Brazilian winger Amantino Mancini. Berlusconi appeared to be unhappy about the loan signing, stating the club was in need of finishers more than anything. This comes as another slap on the face for Dutch striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who is struggling to find playing time in Milan. Huntelaar has not started a game for a long time, with the sole exception of the Coppa Italia match against Udinese which he did not play from start to finish. Next up is Bologna which will serve as a test prior to the start of a tough schedule which includes the Champions League tie against Manchester United. Leonardo will be demanding his players get all three points against Bologna in order to fend off Roma’s charge. The Giallorossi are the team of the moment as they have emerged from their early season slump to reach third place with just goal difference separating them from the Rossoneri.

While Milan appear to be running out of steam and their Serie A challenge is nearing the end, their former star Kaká does not seem to be having a great time either as he has failed to live up to the lofty expectations in Spain. He has struggled with injury and has not succeeded in settling down with his hefty price tag clearly a burden on his shoulders. Prior to the end of 2009 rumours emerged about a possible shock return to the San Siro but these were quickly mooted only for a more ridiculous claim to surface in the past couple of days. There were rumours of a potential swap between Juventus and Real Madrid which would see Kaká return to Italy but with the Bianconeri. Clearly not something to be fancied and unlikely to happen as he would risk the wrath of the tifosi.

Milan Club Focus 2009/10


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International week (Republic of Ireland-Italy, Italy-Cyprus)

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Berlusconi reiterates he will not sell as the Rossoneri prepare for Roma
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Brazilian duo see off Roma
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Week 9

Rossoneri record famous win in Madrid
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Leonardo stumbles upon the 4-2-3-1
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Week 10

Two precious points dropped
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Week 11

Borriello strikes twice as Milan continue climbing the table
– November 3, 2009

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Week 12

The Rossoneri challenging Juventus for second place
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International week (Italy-Holland, Italy-Sweden)

Week 13

Crucial stretch begins as Dzeko linked again
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Week 14

Missed opportunity to qualify
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Huntelaar breaks his duck with a late double to lift Mila to second
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Week 15

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Winter break

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Weakened Rossoneri scrape by Novara
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Week 20

Ronaldinho is enjoying playing again and soaking in the love
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Week 21

Milan derby looms large
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Inefficient Rossoneri surrender to Inter’s title assault
– January 26, 2010

Coppa Italia defeat reveals once again the lack of depth
– January 29, 2010

Week 22

Mancini joins from Inter
– February 2, 2010

Week 23

Rossoneri trying to regroup amid rumours about Ronaldinho’s partying
– February 5, 2010 Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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