Club Focus – Roma – A Greek tragedy? This should have a happy ending

The trouble with being a Roma fan is that when things are going well, you spend your whole time on edge, just waiting for something to happen to ruin the tranquillity. As if to prove this point, Roma’s tie with Panathinaikos showed exactly why Giallorossi fans never feel comfortable.

It was not the worst performance ever, and a 3-2 defeat in Athens is not a disaster by any means, but the fact that la Magica were 2-1 up with only six minutes of the 90 remaining and somehow contrived to lose the tie brings back the worry that the team may have the talent but not the mentality to win the Europa League. The first half (putting aside nearly conceding in the first two minutes) was a reasonable performance, and after Mirko Vučinić’s lovely goal put Roma in front, it looked as though all the Giallorossi had to do was soak up the pressure from Panathanaikos and try to grab another on the break.

Unfortunately, after half time Roma came out looking off the pace and it seemed like only a matter of time before the Greek side grabbed an equaliser – which they did. David Pizarro’s penalty brought back hope but the capitulation in the final 5 minutes was a terrible blow. Despite this, Roma should be expected to progress because the second leg is at the Olimpico, and despite the comparatively poor performance, enough chances were created that, on another night, maybe the game would have ended in victory. The main concern is that should Claudio Ranieri’s team progress in the competition then tougher opposition – that they would surely face at some stage – would punish performances like the one last night much more heavily. Coming back from a goal deficit against Panathinaikos is one thing, but against Liverpool, Valencia, or Marseille they might be all but out by now.


Struggling away in Europe is a theme that was present when Luciano Spalletti was Coach and it seems to be continuing under the stewardship of Ranieri. This is not a suggestion that either coach is to blame, but Ranieri’s style and approach – which is much more about keeping compact and counterattacking away from home – better equips the team than Spalletti’s which was fantastic to watch but altogether too open (there is not one Roma fan that will even forget the 7-1 reverse away to Manchester United). Granted, not all away games have been that way, and the victory away to Real Madrid was a particular highlight, but, in general, la Magica have rarely looked like the team we know and love when travelling the continent.

One important element that, when he returns, will help the team in these away games, is Francesco Totti. Aside from all his other qualities, il Capitano is brilliant at holding up the ball and drawing fouls when the team is ahead, which takes pressure off the defence and helps to break up the flow of the play and disrupt the opposition. Luca Toni can also work as a target man, and the news that he has returned to training with the first-team is a bonus because of the alternative options that a player of his type presents. There is no easy fix for Ranieri to make Roma win away, but considering the strides that the team have already made this season it is only fair to trust in the manager to come up with a solution.

This weekend’s game against Catania offers an immediate chance to get back on track, and put any thoughts about Thursday’s performance firmly in the past. As interesting as the distraction of the Europa League is, getting a Champions League spot is the most important goal for the Giallorossi this season, and wins in home games against the likes of Catania are vital to achieve this goal.

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