Club Focus – Roma – Take delight in the desperation of your enemies

The news that Francesco Totti will not play this weekend against Palermo leaves Claudio Ranieri with a striker selection headache. Whilst Mirko Vučinić is fit, Luca Toni is still injured and that means that Ranieri will either have to go with the option of a lone striker or play someone else – possibly Jérémy Ménez – out of position to make a duo up front. The worse part of the news is that there is a possibility that Totti may again need knee surgery, which would see him out for a lengthy period, and with Roma not having an abundance of striking options, this could leave the team in trouble in the long term.

Palermo are a good side and have shown on occasions this season that they are more than capable of troubling the ‘big teams’, as their 3-0 thrashing of Fiorentina and 2-0 win away to Milan show. If Roma are forced to play with five midfielders it might well be a good thing because it will allow them to dictate play and – theoretically at least – maintain possession to limit the chances their opponents get. There would also be a good case to be made for starting Matteo Brighi, because the Italian has the running in him to contain the ever-more-dangerous looking Javier Pastore, a player that, given the chance, could cause a lot of problems for the Giallorossi back line.

The problem, of course, with playing Vučinić as a lone striker is his tendency to not always react well when finding things tough. This means that it would be vital that the version of the player appears that relishes a challenge, and not the one for whom one bad first touch means five minutes of complaining. But as well as the Rosanero have been playing, they have not been impossible to score against, as Bari showed two weeks ago by putting four goals past them. This leaves the only logical conclusion to be that Roma have to go out and start positively on Saturday, putting Palermo under a lot of pressure early to ensure that their opponents do not get an easy ride and begin to be more adventurous in attack. Score early, and Palermo may crumble, start cautiously and it may be a very long afternoon.


Elsewhere, the lengthy will-he won’t-he saga of Cicinho has finally ended with the Brazilian joining Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Adriano and Robinho by returning to his homeland, joining São Paulo on loan for the rest of the season. The last few months have seen a lot of complaining from the player, and most Giallorossi fans will not be too sad to see him away from the club. Having said that, he did provide some wonderful moments for la Magica, such as the excellent performance away against Milan in October 2007, where he provided a fantastic cross for Vučinić to head the winning goal, as well as tormenting the Rossoneri up and down the right side for the whole game. Unfortunately, his story seems destined to end as one of those players that seemed to have the ability, but never the temperament or consistency to make the mark that he should have in Europe.

Aside from the fine form shown by the team of late, one other thing for fans of the Giallorossi to enjoy is the current plight of rivals Lazio. Never a club too far away from controversy, the Biancocelesti have outdone themselves this week with the sacking of Davide Ballardini, hiring of Edy Reja and a riot outside the club’s training ground at Formello. President Claudio Lotito, after purporting to be a stern figure of reason upon taking over the club, seems to have risen to a Maurizio Zamparini-esque level of madness, becoming a captain Ahab riding his doomed club to relegation. If Niccolò Machiavelli were alive today, he would surely advise Roma fans to take delight not just in their good fortune, but also in the desperation of their enemies.

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