Del Neri is set to stay at Juventus

Juventus lost 0-1 to Milan on Saturday night, this was their third defeat in a row and a result that many thought would signal the end of Luigi Del Neri’s time in charge.
Juventus director Beppe Marotta spoke after the game and surprisingly moved quickly to quash rumours of Del Neri’s departure. “The club must make an objective analysis and understand if the coach is to blame for this situation. The responsibility is to be shared out between everyone. We cannot just put Del Neri in the dock, so we will continue with this solution.
“The important thing now is to bring calm back to the squad and hope to get some players back to full fitness. In the next transfer session, we’ll focus on international experience as well as quality. Unfortunately, we didn’t expect to run into such a negative situation this year. There will be no revolution, as we laid the foundations for the future of Juventus this season and that includes Del Neri.”

This will provoke much debate amongst the Juventus faithful who will have to juggle their dismay at the teams current form under the guidance of Del Neri and Marotta, with their distaste for another rebuilding attempt. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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