Del Piero: “Marchisio and Chiellini are the future”

Juventus talisman Alessandro Del Piero has nominated Claudio Marchisio and Giorgio Chiellini as the likely heirs to his captaincy, and believes the two will be responsible for leading the Bianconeri forward for many years to come.
“There are players who have contributed a lot and are doing so much for this team, an example is Buffon. In the future, with issues of seniority and character, the next captain will be Chiellini or Marchisio.”
However, the record-breaking striker downplayed his own role as a captain but admitted that in modern-day football it is hard for a player to build the type of relationship he has developed with Juventus.
“The captain is undoubtedly important but it is the work of the group as a whole that creates the backbone of the team. Nowadays, it is not easy to have a career like mine or Totti’s. I found the right way to express myself with Juventus and I am happy with my choice.”
Del Piero also confessed that he is looking forward to playing in Juve’s new stadium next season and had not yet given thought to other careers after he retires from football.
“I want to stay here in Turin for as long as possible, I hope to continue playing this way. The kick-off at the new stadium will obviously be very exciting. I have not thought about what I’ll do next: manager or coach. I’m still focused on the field, I still want to be a football player, that is my profession.”
Juventus have once more endured a difficult season this term despite starting off well. But, the way things stand currently Champions League qualification is almost out of sight and Del Piero is eager to return back to winning ways.
“We have been living in frustration and experiencing disappointment for several months now. We do not have clarity and are unable express ourselves on the pitch. When we do that, you will see our values and the hope Juve returns to winning ways as soon as possible.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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