Delio Rossi looking forward to Fiorentina task

At his presentation on Tuesday as the new Fiorentina coach, Delio Rossi outlined his vision for Fiorentina.
Taking over from Sinisa Mihajlovic who was sacked the previous day, Rossi, who has agreed a contract until the summer of 2013, was keen to speak first of the opportunity given to him by the club and of his predecessor in the job.
He told the Corriere dello Sport: “My first thoughts are for the directors who have given me the opportunity and honour of coaching such an important team, for me it’s an attractive challenge. The second thought goes to Mihajlovic, I know the regrets of not being able to finish the work you started. I know this, so I can say to him, ‘only those who are not accustomed to falling [i.e. making an effort] , have no idea how to get up again’. “
When asked if he already had an idea for ‘his’ Fiorentina, Rossi said, “I don’t go to see live games because, in the stands, I get approached for my view on this or that team and since my fellow managers are a little touchy about it, I follow them on TV. My ideas are always to go out and give a good game, but I’m keen to give a spirit to the team, otherwise I can’t give a good game. I have an idea but first I have to see the team on the field.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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