Football Italiano’s 500@five – World Cup fever rises as Italians reveal their colours

The Italian team has revealed its jerseys for the latest edition of the FIFA World Cup this summer. And there are a few surprises to report.


The Azzurri have stuck to their blue home kits and the white away kits while the goalkeeper jersey will be green. These colours have been long around for the Italian national team and hence there was no real change to be expected. However, kit makers, Puma, have tweaked the designs slightly as the jerseys have a bit more of a personality now. Instead of having a plain workman like design, the new kits will have a faint dark blue pattern on the front. When you first look at it and you think of Spiderman don’t be ashamed you are not the only one. In fact the whole kit seems to have this body hugging look to it which is just intensified by the design.

Though it may not be very clear in the picture here, the jersey is reminiscent of concentric circles with a rib-shaped structure to match. If it sounds odd then it is probably because this is one of the few times that the Italian jersey has been actually experimented with. However, there is no cause for worry as we are sure that our beloved players are not going to come off looking foolish in South Africa. However, considering the body hugging feel of the jerseys the older players like Giuseppe Favalli, who last heard was being considered by Lippi, (no worries, it is only a jest) might want to stay clear as it may reveal their sagging chests.

As can be seen from the photo Mauro Camoranesi and Giorgio Chiellini seem to be really enjoying themselves in that outfit. The other changes to the kit are the thin white stripes running down from the shoulders on each side. The socks also seem particularly overdone and continue with the Marvel comics’ feel of ‘Aquaman’. A word about the shorts, the Italy button on the utility belts deploys a smoke bomb. There is very little reason to have that logo on there unless as we guess Puma had a superhero theme in mind while designing the kit.

The away kit is also designed in a similar vein and has retained the holy white of the peninsula. From some of the leaked pictures we have seen yet, there is no attempt to fight crime with these ones. The collar is in the colours of the Italian flag and it does look as funny as it sounds. There are thin blue stripes running down from the midriff to the end of the shirt and the wrists have blue coloured cuffs as well. The shorts are expected to be plain white with may be a dash of azul on them somewhere.

And finally to the keeper’s jersey which makes Gianluigi Buffon look like a scuba diver. If indeed the jersey is as tight as that we would all want to see the Italian women’s team try it out. Buffon looks like a pretty damsel in that picture giggling away in the background. And his utility belt makes him fly around the goal keeping everything out. The designs are drastically different than we have seen in the past few years but luckily it is in a good way. We hope that our superheroes are able to return home victorious once again. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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