Francesco Totti: “Our fans will see the true Roma again”

Speaking from Monte Carlo ahead of the 2010 Golden Foot awards, Roma legend Francesco Totti told fans it would not be long before the club returned to the form of last season.
Speaking to Sky Italia, Er Pupone had this message for the tifosi: “Our fans must stay calm and they will quickly begin to see the true Roma and the true Francesco Totti”.
Il Capitano also used the interview to express his anger at some of the criticism he has been receiving, explaining that: “I can accept the criticism for what happens on the field of play but not when it is aimed at me on a personal level”. He finished off by giving his full backing to coach Claudio Ranieri announcing that: “everything is good between us, I always want to play but if the coach puts me on the bench then I will accept this”. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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