Galliani: “Gremio are close to Ronaldinho”

Milan CEO Adriano Galliani has told Sky Sport 24 that playmaker Ronaldinho is on the verge of joining Gremio after the Brazilian club seem to have found a satisfactory solution.
Galliani who was in Brazil to find the best possible option to facilitate Ronaldinho’s return to his homeland said he hoped to close negotiations within the next couple of days at the latest.
“As things stood today, I think we can say that Gremio has bridged the gap. I wouldn’t bet on it, but we expect that a decision will be reached within a day or a day and a half at max.”
Ronaldinho who joined the Rossoneri in 2008 was eager to return to Brazil after finding his opportunities to play greatly limited this season under Coach Massimiliano Allegri.
“We have always shared an affectionate and very good relationship with Ronaldinho that has lasted two and a half years. He expressed his desire to come and play in Brazil, and also to prepare for the 2014 World Cup. We were satisfied to give him this opportunity.”
Galliani was very pleased with the Rossoneri performance against Cagliari where young Rodney Strasser scored the winner with five minutes left and Antonio Cassano made his Milan debut.
“The thing that gave me the most joy was that the goal came when we had four guys on the field from our Primavera. I believe there are few teams in Italy that have had four youngsters from the Primavera together on the field at the same time.”
The Milan Vice-President was finally asked his thoughts about Leonardo’s debut as Inter Coach, where he led them to victory over Napoli, as the Brazilian served on the Rossoneri bench last season.
“I think we have spoken at length and I’ll maintain the things we said. Leonardo is a professional, I pushed him last year to become the Coach, he did not want to do that.
“He coached AC Milan first and has become a top-quality coach from his experience here, so if it was his decision to join Inter, it was widely accepted by our environment.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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