Gattuso returns to training

AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso was recently diagnosed with sixth nerve palsy, a disorder associated with the sixth cranial nerve, causing the midfielder difficulties with his vision.
Gattuso was last in action in early September for I Rossoneri against Lazio where he was substituted after 20 minutes following a clash with teammate Alessandro Nesta. Describing the 20 minutes he played in that game, Gattuso said:“Those 20 minutes I played against Lazio were a nightmare. I felt like I was drunk. I could see Ibrahimovic in four different places.”
Dr. Rodolfo Tavana, the medical expert looking into Gattuso’s illness, outlined the of problems associated with the disorder. “Twenty five percent of the cases involving the paralysis of the sixth optic nerve do not have a known cause. Often the outcome is two to six months in an independent manner.”
According to the clubs official website, Gattuso was back in training last morning and “looks to be in good shape.” This morning he took part in a training session which comprised of a period in the gym and a workout on the pitch.
However following the 33 year old’s quick return to training, Dr. Tavana was cautious about the player’s current state and is keen to continue to keep close watch over Gattuso. “His symptoms have been improving and so he has gradually been intensifying his workload. We are still keeping a close eye on the player and over the next few days we will conduct further tests.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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