Gazzetta editor defends himself against Moratti

Gazzetta Dello Sport Editor Andrea Monti has issued another editorial in today’s edition in response to the statements made by Inter President Massimo Moratti against him.
Following FIGC chief investigator Stefano Palazzi’s allegations that Inter had committed ‘sporting fraud’ during the Calciopoli period between 2005-06, Monti wrote an editorial in Gazzetta urging Inter to hand back the 2006 Scudetto which was handed to them.
Yesterday, Moratti slammed the paper and its editor claiming that the pink daily had a bias against Inter and that they had abandoned the club and he urged Nerazzurri fans to abandon it.
“(Gazzetta) which has for a while now run a campaign against us, with a certain type of moralism directed very clearly at us, against us, which means in support of somebody else.
“That was really disappointing especially as I used to read that pink paper; now unfortunately I will stop reading it. Here we’re talking about a deliberate policy taken by the editor of a newspaper. They are free to do that of course, but I am equally free not to read it anymore.”

In this morning’s edition Monti has come out and defended his position and that of his paper claiming that there were no direct accusations made against Facchetti and they merely stated the findings of the Palazzi.
“Every newspaper is written for people, including the president of Inter, and we are entitled to criticize him. What I have argued, and I confirm, is known: the FIGC would do well not to allocate the 2006 Scudetto. The rest is not my opinion.
“We have only chronicled the prosecutor’s reports which is simply an allegation and not a sentence. The last thing Italian football needs is a new contest between the newspapers and the protagonists, even worse, one in the courts.”
“In this sad story, one truth I would like to restore. There has never officially been one line that has appeared that has insulted the memory of Giacinto Facchetti, or equated him to Moggi on the level of responsibility.
“On the contrary, I have always written, that nothing can undermine the profile of this monumental man and athlete. On this point, at least on this, I would like to Moratti’s honest acknolwledgment.

The FIGC will convene on July 18 to decide the fate of Inter and the 2006 Scudetto. It is believed that any retrospective action will be impeded as the statute of limitations of five years has already passed. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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