Guardiola agent: “No contact with Inter”

Pep Guardiola is supposed to be Massimo Moratti’s dream Coach at Inter, but the Barcelona manager’s agent revealed to that there hasn’t be any talk with Inter yet
Many believe that Moratti is on the verge of firing Rafa Benitez after he asked the club to back him and sign new players or allow him to leave in the aftermath of Inter being crowned as world champions.
But reports that Guardiola is desired by Moratti are untrue according to his agent, Jose Maria Orobitg, who claims that there has never been any contact with the Nerazzurri.
“I have never heard from the President or any of the directors of Inter. Today there is talk of the Nerazzurri, yesterday Guardiola was linked to Chelsea, who knows which team will be discussed tomorrow.
“The truth is that I did not speak with anyone. Will Pep like to return to Italy? Sorry, but he is a special boy, we never talk about market assumptions.”

Guardiola played in the peninsula upon quitting Barcelona and wore the colours of Brescia and Roma for a short period of time. There are rumours that his contract hasn’t yet been renewed by the Catalan giants, something that was confirmed by Orobitg.
“His contract expires on 30th June next year and at the moment we have not started any negotiations. But Pep has been offered a blank contract by Barcelona.”
It seems from Guardiola’s agents comments that Moratti may have to wait a while longer to secure the services of his desired manager. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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