Italian police arrest Serbian ultra leader

After Tuesday night’s shameful scenes in Genoa, the Italian authorities have managed to arrest the head of the Serbian ultra movement.
On a night of violence in the port city, 16 people were injured including two policemen and 17 arrests were made, one of them crucially being that of the head of the far right organisation. Questions will now be raised as to how Serbian authorities allowed 2000 know trouble makers to travel to the peninsula. According to reports on Serbian tv station B92, at least 138 of the hooligans have been identified.
The head of the Serbian football association Tomoslav Karadzic also explained to reporters that : “at times during the unrest, Italian police had to defend themselves with pistols”. There were major disturbances before, during and after the match and UEFA will now decide on what punishment to hand out. The match result looks set to be handed to Italy with a 3-0 score line being the usual format for situations such as these. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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