Italy considers an under-21 side in Serie B

After Italy’s disastrous World Cup campaign, radical plans are being considered by the Italian Football Federation to place an Under-21 team in Serie B. The plan is to increase the development of Italy’s home grown players.
Although the dynamics of how this team would be put together are still in the early stages of development, the aim is to feed the national team with a steady flow of quality home grown players.
The fact that Serie A often tends to ignore home grown talent in favour of foreign imports as in many leagues has prompted the Federation to act.
FIGC chief Demetrio Albertini is spearheading this project and told ANSA: “Now we’ll take the project to the relevant bodies, for instance the federal council.”
Arrigo Sacchi and Italian manager Cesare Prandelli have both backed the idea with the latter calling it “a wonderful idea”.
Questions however, will still need to be answered, such as whether the team can be promoted, where the finance will come from, where will they be based and who will support them?
The move has been well received with many Italians being pleased that the Federation trying to improve the country’s prospects for future tournaments. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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