Juventus seeking Calciopoli compensation

Juventus has outlined their latest step in the bid to fight against the calciopoli trial findings, stating their desire for compensation regarding damages.
Last week Luciano Moggi was sentenced to five years prison in the Naples trial for his part in the proceedings, while Juventus indicated their name was cleared.
Club President Andrea Agnelli has continually stated he will fight as long as necessary and the club noted the next part of the process on their website, which involves a monetary compensation figure in the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio.
“Today, Juventus Football Club S.p.A. have appealed to the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, according to Art. 30 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, against FIGC and towards F.C. Internazionale s.p.a., claiming for a sentence concerning the unfair damages due to the unfounded practice of the administrative activity and to the non-practice of the compulsory activity related to the provisions adopted by FIGC in the summer 2006 and 2011.
“Through this action, Juventus intend to ascertain the inequality of treatment and the illegal behaviours which generated the same, thus obtaining the compensation for the severe damages which are conservatively valued several hundred million Euros for minor revenue, brand depreciation, opportunity and chance losses, costs and expenses.
“The appeal follows the decision by the President of TNAS [National Sports Arbitration Court] dated 9 September 2011, which remitted the club to the Regional Administrative Court as far as the damages are concerned and within the broadest strategy of Juventus’ safeguard, as announced in the press conference occurred on 10 August 2011.”

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