Juventus star Del Piero uses Facebook to ease contract fears

For the past few days the Juventus legend Aleesandro Del Piero had been saying that on the 10/10/10 he would announce something special.
As it turns out, it was a question and answer session on Facebook. The 36-year-old took questions from Juventus fans and the most popular was that regarding his future at the club.
Amid fears about his delay in committing to the Bianconeri for the remainder of his career, Il Pinturicchio had this to say: “I am calm over the question of me renewing my contract. I have no intention of drawing up a smoke screen over this subject as I do not want to get into any arguments. At this moment I am only thinking about my next match and of victory. I will return to the matter of a contract extension when the time is right but there is no hassle at the moment”.

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