Klose keeps scoring when in Rome

There were some who had raised eyebrows at the beginning of the season when Lazio signed 33 year old Miroslav Klose on a free transfer. They should probably have first turned to his goal scoring record for any of his previous teams before passing judgment. Then and now the German forward is a predator and has already started to show this for his new employers.
This weekend, the former Bayern Munich front man scored for the fifth time in only seven games when he headed home a late winner against Fiorentina. With three league goals and two netted in the Europa League Klose has continued the prolific form that so many though he may have lost when he left German giants Bayern Munich this summer.
After four years in Bavaria it seemed as though his career maybe at an end when at the beginning of last season a double injury kept his out of the start of the season and in turn saw him still on the bench come December. This saw him only score five goals all year which was one less than the previous campaign. This unfortunate end to his time at Bayern saw many critics argue that he was now a spent force despite the fact that he still came out with 52 goals from 149 appearances for the club.
There was one major clue however, that showed that it may have been his circumstances and the tactics at Bayern that were hampering him and not the fact that he had started a long decline towards retirement. No doubt that Lazio’s scouting network would have picked up that in these previous two torrid seasons the 6ft forward was still scoring for fun at National level. The German national team had continued to pick their constant goal threat and it had paid off. In 2010 he notched 10 goals in 12 games, four of these coming at the World Cup in South Africa, whilst in 2011 he so far has managed four goals in seven matches with games still to play before the end of the season. It was this form that convinced Lazio to take a very calculated risk on him.
Edy Reja was enthusing about his new signing to Lazio Style Radio: ”He’s extraordinary and very important for us. He lives his life correctly, his head is in the right place and he’s a true athlete. Some players may have advanced years, but with their training methods they can last for some time to come. Many of us saw him as a finisher, but he’s also a very technical player who can beat his man and plays for the good of the team. He has incredible power and he doesn’t hold back. Fortunately he came to Lazio”
It is hard to look at his form this season and disagree with Reja’s comments. What’s more is that the former Werder Bremen man shows no sign of slowing up. Italian football has always seemed to get some extra playing years out of many a professional and it looks like Mirolsav Klose will be no exception. For a player whose game is not based on pace, this could see him becoming a very potent threat for Lazio for the coming years. Even Lazio’s bitter rivals cannot argue that players do not get better with age, for if they did a certain Francesco Totti may disagree.

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