Krasic suspended for two games for diving

Milos Krasic has been suspended for two games after the FIGC disciplinary commission ruled him guilty of diving to earn a penalty in the game between Juventus and Bologna. Juventus have decided to appeal against the sentence which will see the Serbian winger miss the crucial tie against Milan and at the weekend and the clash with Cesena the following week.
The suspension was handed out this afternoon after the committee considered video evidence for the ruling. Krasic was charged of unsporting behaviour after being accused of simulation to deceive referee De Marco into giving Juventus a penalty that was subsequently saved by Bologna keeper Emiliano Viviano.
Juventus will appeal the suspension in the belief that Krasic’s actions were not motivated by fraud but were instinctive. Earlier today, the Bianconeri President Andrea Agnelli blamed the media for over-reacting to the incident: “There was no penalty, but similarly no need for the media pressure… Krasic has been victimized by certain sections of the media because of his ethnicity”. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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