La Gazzetta dello Sport interview – Marco Rossi: “Gasperini one of the best in Italy”

Originally published in la Gazzetta dello Sport

Last Sunday, Genoa Captain Marco Rossi scored the decisive goal against Chievo, as if he were a seasoned striker. But above all he played in four different roles, something that is almost normal for him now.

“How do I do it? It’s simple: when we try something different during training, I get intrigued. I wonder, would I be able to play in that role? And then I try. There is something I have learnt in time: never to show hesitation. It helps to pretend your confident, I promise you, at least it doesn’t show your opponents that you’re having some difficulties.”

Juventus instead are showing they are having some difficulties, have you noted it too?

“Well we won’t be decieved. You only need to look at how many great players they have to understand that they can decide a match in a second. It’s going to be tough on Sunday”.


Like it has often been for you away from home.

“True. This year, compared to the past, it has been tougher in the away games. I don’t know why. In my opinion we’ve been affected by the mental and physical tiredness than comes with playing in Europe”.

Everybody is talking about this tiredness, and then we see Javier Zanetti, 36 years old, always playing for Inter and never being affected by it.

“I think it’s also down to having certain levels of endurance and being used to many commitments. Plus every player is different, there’s not many like Zanetti. As for us, we hope we have learnt a lot from this experience and we plan to use it next year. That would mean we’re still in Europe”.

The series of injuries seems to be neverending, only yesterday Palacio was ruled out of action. In spite of this you are in the top half, you could even aim for the Champion’s League.

“One thing at a time, as it was only last year when we missed out on the Champion’s League by one point and I must admit that it annoyed us a little. What gives us strength is not just playing at home or the great players old and new, but the club as a whole. The high quality management structure allows us to concentrate on competing for important targets. And on the pitch Gasperini takes care of everything, he’s certainly one of the best coaches in Italy.

Is it because of this that you said no to Zenit’s offers?

“Because of this, because of the fans and for myself. I’m grateful to Preziosi for not having sold me. I wanted to stay here and keep running for this Genoa”.

Where are you running to?

“Towards Europe. The last few games in spring are going to be decisive. What we have to do now is to start the engines, and afterwards we will be able to count on those who had injuries, like Palladino, Jankovic, Kharja, and the new ones like Suazo and Acquafresca who during this season didn’t play much and will get to the run-in in great shape. I’m curious to see how that will go”. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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