Lecce-Bari no longer behind closed doors

The decision by the authorities to have the Puglia Derby between Lecce and Bari played behind closed doors has been reversed.
Pressure from both clubs finally convinced the Police to re-think their original decision to deny fans access to the troublesome fixture.
The two teams play in Puglia which lies in the heel of Italy, have one of the most heated derbies in the country and after a number of incidents the police had initially thought it best to play the game behind closed doors.
Problems have always occurred between the clubs, two years ago Bari coach Antonio Conte was assaulted on a beach near Lecce whilst only last month Lecce player Souleymane Diamoutene found himself in trouble with his own fans at the training ground simply because he used to ply his trade at Bari.
However, the main factor in banning the fans from this match occurred last time the game was played at the Via Del Mare, when Lecce Ultras tried to attack Bari fans along with invading the pitch.
The decision to ostracise the fans did not go down well with anyone involved with the clubs, one of the most vocal in criticising the move was Lecce captain Guillermo Giacomazzi, who stated that this would “not be good for football”.
The pressure has eventually paid off and Lecce have released a statement on their website stating that the home fans will be allowed back in the stadium whilst Bari fans with a special identity card would be allowed in the South Stand.

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