Marotta: “Juventus have to sign”

The Juventus General Manager Beppe Marotta is convinced that Juventus need to sign four more star players before they can even contemplate being competitive again.
Juventus have never really recovered from Calciopoli and despite many attempts to rebuild the squad they have continually fallen short. This is not good enough for the fans of the ‘Old Lady’, nor to many is it good for Italian football as there is a theory that a strong Serie A needs a strong Juventus.
The Gazzetta dello Sport spoke to Marotta who commented that “Juventus need at least another four great players. Above all, people of experience who know how to better manage the most difficult situations.” The pink paper suggested that Marco Borriello, Andrea Pirlo, Javier Mascherano and Michel Bastos would be the main targets for Marotta and Juventus in the summer.
The debate still goes on about the managerial role also as without a win in four straight matches, Gigi Del Neri’s position looks to be on a knifes edge. Even when he was jeered in the last match at Cesena Del Neri remained upbeat: “The jeers of the fans will turn into applause later on, so let’s allow them to jeer right now. Today we chose quality and I liked the midfield performance.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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