Massimo Moratti on Inter’s transfer prospects

At a press conference after a ceremony that saw the region of Lombardy celebrate Inter for their sporting achievements, Inter President Massimo Moratti talked about the Nerazzurri’s potential signings.
He was asked first about whether Inter were close to signing a new striker, in which he stated “We are looking around to find someone who can be useful to the team, it won’t be a huge signing, but it will be someone that makes the team a bit more complete and will allow the side to suffer a bit less when some players are tired.” He also dismissed Alessandro Matri as a target saying that they had made no enquiries.
When asked about whether Giampaolo Pazzini was a target he said, “Pazzini is the sort of player one always watches with interest because he has a lot of quality, but we aren’t convinced we can land the deal. We are looking into it to see if there is the possibility to do something, perhaps there isn’t.” He went on to say that he was not 100% sure a deal could be done.
On the topic of Alexis Sanchez the answer was definitive “No!” Moratti was convinced that even though he was an admirer he knew he was not for sale and said “At most he is someone that could be part of a future project.”
Moratti continued with the interview saying that Andrea Poli was not a target yet, he was coy when talking of Luis Fabiano and said although Ganso was talented he was also expensive. Finally when talking of Bologna’s Emilano Viviano and whether he could be the Nerazzurri’s future keeper he said “I don’t think so. We are set as we are.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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