Mihajlovic backs Mutu

Fiorentina manager Sinisa Mihajlovic has backed his controversial striker Adrian Mutu in light of new incident that has put the Romanian in the news, according to Corriere dello Sport.
On Friday night, Mutu was alleged to have punched a waiter in a restaurant, breaking his nose, over a dispute about the bill for his meal. It is just the latest instalment in Mutu’s off-field problems, which first saw him sacked as a Chelsea player for testing positive for cocaine. He is currently suspended for another drugs offence, and was due to return at the end of the month.
Mihajlovic said: “We will not abandon Mutu. The club will make its decisions, but he is important for me and there will always be space for him in this team. We can’t wait for him to return.”
The Viola’s president Andrea Della Valle angrily said: “I saw Mutu briefly this morning, but I can’t say what I told him as it wouldn’t make family viewing.
“It’s very serious and we are waiting for the police report, as we’re not yet entirely clear on what happened. It’s a shame, as this is a difficult time for the club and we really could’ve done without this incident.
“This isn’t the first time that this sort of thing has happened, but it was never this serious before. The investigation is still on-going.
“Will there be another chance for Mutu? We have to wait another 48 hours, then we will act in a determined manner, as we always have done.”

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