Milan not feeling the pressure yet says Moratti

Speaking to journalists outside the Saras offices in Milan, Inter President Massimo Moratti said that he does not think that Milan are worried about his Inter side in the race for the Scudetto yet. He also said that he was please with the Nerazzurri’s current form under new boss Leonardo.
When asked if he thought Milan were feeling the pressure Moratti said that “AC Milan got the result they wanted. There are still lots of games to play, fewer but still plenty. I don’t think they are feeling the pressure too much… yet.”
Under new boss Leonardo Inter have been progressing well, when asked for his opinion on his own teams development he said that “We’ve been winning most of our games recently so I’d say we’re doing very well. Sometimes you get games where you’re tired but it wasn’t an easy match. The most important thing was winning.”
Inter came through a tough game this weekend against Cagliari to gain a 1-0 win, when journalists asked if they held back during the second half Morattisaid how “Maybe they did a bit, yes. I don’t know if they do these things intentionally; they seemed to be holding something back but perhaps that was sensible.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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