Moratti has made his mind up but has he made the right choice?

This summer saw many names linked to the vacant Inter hot seat and when Gian Piero Gasperini was appointed, it was already clear that he was far from first choice. Gasperini now has the unfortunate honour of being the first Inter Coach in the club’s history to have not won a single game in his tenure. His tenure was very brief admittedly but there were very few positives to take from the performances under his tutelage with the squad appearing to be in a state of confusion as to what was expected of them in the systems the Coach deployed.
Unfortunately for President Massimo Moratti, this stage of the season is not a likely time for Coaches to leave jobs and with Moratti keen for a fresh appointment, promotion from within was always going to not be a viable option.
Moratti had clearly made his decision before confirming the sacking of Gasperini. Claudio Ranieri can offer a tactical pragmatism and it would appear that such a style would benefit Inter immediately. Combining that with his experience of Calcio and elsewhere in Europe, he would appear a secure name to put trust in. The issue with appointing Ranieri would be that such a move strikes some as one not of ambition. Ranieri has been perhaps unfairly labelled a nearly man and at a club where the shadow of a certain Jose Mourinho continues to bear down on the value of a Nerazzurri Coach, it would be seen by some as a backward step. It is now up to Ranieri to prove the doubters wrong and while the options available to Moratti were limited, they were still viable.
One of those options was in the form of Delio Rossi, a man who managed Palermo last season and amid the bizarre world of Maurizio Zamparini, came out with his head held high. What could arguably have kept Rossi beneath Ranieri in Moratti’s list is that Rossi has less experience at the highest level and has a his tendency to prioritise style. While the latter would appeal to a neutral mind, Moratti will be wanting victories on the pitch as soon as possible and as riskless as possible.
There were some foreign options with Louis Van Gaal being the prime possibility. The idea of Van Gaal is very interesting given recent history and the aforementioned shadow of Mourinho. The attacking style of play that the Dutchman favours would certainly excite in the peninsula but whether Moratti wants excitement is debatable. After all, Gasperini’s games in charge were very entertaining albeit not in a positive way for il Biscione.
The desire for immediate success appears to be at the forefront of the President’s mind as with many at the top of European club’s hierarchy. He will be looking for an immediate reaction on the pitch under the guidance of Ranieri and with seemingly no long-term vision in place, it would appear a process that Inter will be under for some time yet. As always the appointment of a new Head Coach is vital to a team’s progression but Inter’s search for immediate victory may mean it is a decision that continues to be as frequent as it has proved to be since Mourinho’s departure 15 months ago. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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