Moratti: “Inter’s victories after Calciopoli reveal the truth”

Inter President Massimo Moratti has risked stirring up a hornet’s nest of comments as he claimed today that the club’s success after the 2006 Calciopoli scandal was proof of previous discrimination.
In a speech at Inter’s Coverciano during a seminar entitled ‘Football and the Speaker’, the Nerazzurri supremo laid into the people behind Calciopoli and claimed the events preceding it were a farce.
“The fact that Inter has won so much after Calciopoli shows how this was a real scam for Italian football, it is but one more proof of what was happening,” Moratti started off.
“It was frustrating when they would say that we spent so much money and never won. Calciopoli was something really vulgar and economically it was a complete rip-off.”
The Calciopoli scandal is still fresh in the minds of all Italians as Juventus were stripped off their Scudetti from 2005 and 2006 as their directors were found guilty of having illegal contact with referees and refereeing designators.
The case still continues in Napoli where one the chief accused, ex-Juve Managing Director Luciano Moggi, is pleading his innocence. There were reports that Moratti had tried to sign Moggi in his early days as President, but the Inter supremo denied having ever made such a consideration.
“Did I ever think about talking with Moggi? I don’t like to deny things and characters that actually occured, but I can say assuredly that at no point did I ever consider hiring Moggi at Inter.”
Moratti then went on to praise the introduction of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play which will be put in place for 2012 and prohibit team’s from spending more than the revenues that they earn.
“When I welcomed Platini’s Fair Play, it almost seemed like somebody had something against me. Inter is so expensive that I would not recommend it to anyone. I hope that the financial fair-play allows us to live differently.”
Inter suffered their first defeat against Udinese on Sunday since Leonardo took charge of the Nerazzurri in Christmas, but Moratti is not worried though he did suggest that the team could sign a forward.
“Defeats can happen, maybe the team was a bit tired, but Udinese played really well and we have to give them credit for it. The championship is still long and of course the Scudetto is one of our objectives.
“As for an attaker, we’ll see what we can do. There is still some time for us. Amauri is not for sale and he is not a player who interests us. If we do add someone, it will be someone who can gel well into this group.”

During his speech, Moratti also praised former Coach Jose Mourinho and hailed the Portuguese as the greatest manager he had worked with; while expressing regret that he never won a Coaching award in Italy.
“Mourinho is the greatest coach I have ever worked with. He works hard, he loves football and I’m sorry he did not get the recognition for it in Italy. But this is not an indication of anything, I respect Mourinho but I have a new coach Leonardo, whom I also respect.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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