Mutu’s agent blames Fiorentina for fall-out

The relationship between Adrian Mutu and Fiorentina continues to plunge after his agent Giovanni Becali placed the blame firmly on the club’s shoulders for the fall-out between the two parties.
Mutu had suddenly stormed off from training before the Fiorentina-Bologna clash prompting La Viola to issue a public statement criticizing the player and threatening legal action.
Earlier today, Fiorentina issued another official statement which barred Mutu from training with his team-mates as he had left his ‘contractual obligations gravely unfulfilled.’
However, his agent Giovanni Becali now claims that the breakdown in communication between the Romanian and his club were a result of Fiorentina backtracking on their words.
“Fiorentina called me up and told me they wished to sell Mutu now. But they did not state any restrictions on whether it was to be a club in Italy or abroad, so I approached Cesena.
“However, Fiorentina were opposed to this, as they did not want Mutu playing for another team that was battling relegation. In addition to this the club heads abused the player calling him names.
“To make matters worse they told me that he would not be summoned for the game against Bologna. I told this to Adrian and obviously he got very angry, and left the field.
“Today, when he presented himself for training, Sinisa came up to him, kissed him and embraced him, but these are attributes you won’t find in an Italian coach. But Mutu and Fiorentina are done.
“The only future I see is that with Cesena, I feel a deal can still be worked out. Even if it means that (Cesena owner) Campedelli gives up his best player to Fiorentina. For them Mutu is their David Beckham.”

It can be expected that Fiorentina will give a response to these statements made by Mutu’ agent. If they do take Mutu to court over this incident, a contract recission with a fine is likely for the Romanian. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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