No Totti, no party?

Julius Cesar has been attributed with the quote “If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.” Francesco Totti, who is himself a modern day great of Rome, could do well to take heed of these words that resonate from the past.
Looking at the internal politics that currently engulf Roma at this present time, it would be hard to believe that the club, for once, is financially stable. Not only this but its has also had a fruitful and successful transfer window. New President Thomas Di Benedetto has pumped money into the Giallorossi and enabled them to move forward, employing a new Coach Luis Enrique as well as sporting director Walter Sabatini.
The problems began just as Luis Enrique was about to unleash his ‘Barcelona style’ Roma on Slovan Bratislava in the early rounds of the Europa League. Roma crashed out over the two legs, however, the talk was not of Enrique’s lack of a plan B nor he fact that that they need time to gel, instead it was all about one man. Francesco Totti had been left on the bench in the first leg and then unceremoniously brought off in the second, this proved to be the catalyst for an incredible row that has erupted between ‘Il Capitano’ and the rest of Roma’s hierarchy.
Totti, feeling as though he had been overlooked or under used was not shy in letting his feelings be known as had happened many times before. The matter worsened when new director Franco Baldini got himself involved in the row by text message. This unnecessary turn of events has left the two not even on speaking terms and was in danger of derailing Roma’s season before it has even begun.
There was one attempt at calming the waters when Walter Sabatini said in a press conference “Totti has to resolve the issue by taking a step towards the coach and helping him to do his job. He ought to keep his smile when he’s on the bench, partly to help the newcomers avoid this embarrassment”
It seems that Totti has no fear of who he takes on within the Giallorossi structure, whether Chairman, Directors or Coach. He is already sure of his victory in the causes he wished to champion and this has been helped by backing given to him outside of his native Rome. Marcello Lippi and Claudio Ranieri were but two of Totti’s allies who have spoken up for him during this row.
‘Ill Capitano’is however, a shrewd politician and does seem to have his club at heart. His decision to eventually back Coach Luis Enrique seems as timely as it is hypocritical: “We’ll have a lot of new players and all of us will have to rally around our new Coach, the team and the club to start the campaign in the best possible manner. All of us will do this together and with one objective which is Roma, of which I am their biggest fan.”
Francesco Totti many will agree is Roma. He is their leader Captain and idol. His problems lie when he who has all this adulation starts to believe in his demi god status as well. Totti it seems has got away with his latest outburst, but unless he wants to manage the team himself he will have to be careful on ho far he wishes to flex his muscles. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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