Novara’s fairy tale

Scenes of overwhelming joy, wild celebrations and complete happiness gripped a nation as they watched the city of Novara celebrate their team’s triumphant return to Serie A after an extended absence.
To fully understand the elation of the fans who have been starved of top flight football for 55 years, a book was published in August called Amatissimo Novara documenting the club’s successive promotions and spectacular rise to success. Scores of fans braved the draining Italian summer heat to get an autographed copy of the book and pose questions to the club’s representatives, who were there to share the momentous occasion.
Three men deserve much of the credit and the first has to Pasquale Sensibile, the sporting director who has since departed to inspire Sampdoria back to greatness. A man with an eye for talent, he did extraordinarily well to create a balanced and exceptional team despite his limited budget. It was then up to Coach Attilio Tesser to inspire and motivate the squad, creating a cohesive team unit willing to climb mountains in order to achieve their objectives.
However, the man who deserves the most credit is President Massimo De Salvo a proud Juventino who never misses a chance to gush about his beloved Bianconeri, Marcello Lippi and Michel Platini. His love of football combined with his savvy approach to business has seen him invest wisely to create a well-organised club now viewed as an example for all to admire. After all, this was the first Italian team to invest in an artificial pitch worth €700k and created using cutting-edge technology.
Considered a rarity in Italy, De Salvo is a President who fully trusts those he has employed in his quest to build a perfect model and a successful squad. Consistent in his demands and clear with regards to the club’s objectives, he has happily let go of men who have not shared his footballing ideals but has cherished those who have stayed faithful to the club’s philosophy.
Always smiling, De Salvo insisted that being a competitive club was not enough. He wanted to create an efficient business model that would continue to develop and evolve regardless of the personnel. Moreover, he is adamant that there be a clear division of roles in terms of management and each must stick to his own tasks and not interfere with another’s work.
A president who understands his limitations, his vision and business acumen are the main reason behind Novara’s incredible success – achieving back-to-back promotions to reach Serie A. It was only last year that they managed to reach Serie B after a 33-year absence.
Tactically, they were regarded as the team to watch last season largely thanks to their strikers who were both mobile and blessed with blistering pace. Sadly, both strikers have now left and in their place have arrived ones boasting different characteristics, thus requiring a slight change to the team’s style of play.
Coach Tesser still aims to play vertical football and focus on maintaining possession but they will have to slow down and improve their defence – one that was often left exposed by Cesena in a recent friendly. Whilst interesting purchases have been made such a Takayuki Marimoto, who has recently been injured, many worry that they lack the necessary quality to survive Serie A.
The team’s preseason performances show that the squad seem just as determined to succeed and their ability to adjust tactically was evident. However the squad’s attacking play needs to be improved and the strikers’ failure to convert great chances have proved problematic despite the great results.
Whether they can survive is a question many are eager to answer but their large number of fans will pray this fairy tale lasts a little longer. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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