Pablo Osvaldo is a case of form needing swift translation after moving back to Italy

The project that is underway at Roma resembles something different to the perceived standard of Serie A but one of their latest signings is a man who is familiar with the challenge ahead. For Pablo Osvaldo, a return to the peninsula is a chance of redemption and to show that he has changed for the better since he departed Italian football for Spain in January 2010.
Prior to leaving Bologna and joining Espanyol, Osvaldo was falling into that less-wanted branding of striker: hard-working but ultimately fails to produce in the crucial moments. In the latter stages at Bologna, the hard-working element even started to wane as if the striker knew of the predicament his career was in. A move to Espanyol surfaced in the January and in an attempt to reinvent himself, he took the leap into La Liga. The fact that Osvaldo has now been signed by Roma shows how much his stock has risen since moving.
His goal return during his 18 months away from the peninsula has been excellent especially when you consider he was plying his trade as part of a mid-table Espanyol team. In his first six months at Espanyol, he adapted relatively quickly and scored seven goals in 20 appearances. Last season Osvaldo seemed to have grown in stature and with much improved technique, he scored 14 times in 26 appearances. The goal tally has of course buoyed the Argentina-born striker but the marked improvement in his game has shown that there is substance to claims that he is fulfilling the potential that he displayed in his early years.
Osvaldo will be hoping that his return to the peninsula will mean a development in there being a distinct possibility of earning a place in the national team. His market value in Serie A was at its highest when he played for Fiorentina under the guidance of now Italy Coach Cesare Prandelli. With him having represented Italy at Under-21 level, it would appear he is committed to the Azzurri despite him still being eligible for selection for his actual homeland, Argentina. At the age of 25 he should now be approaching his prime years as a player. Roma will be hoping that there is more to come from Osvaldo.
Translating an individual’s style of play from one country’s league to another is something that a lot of players find difficult. Osvaldo has a great advantage in that he will be all too aware of what lies in store for him in Serie A and it will be of great interest as to whether the enhancements that Osvaldo has undergone will serve him well in the peninsula.
He is determined to defy his Italian critics and as part of the revolution being undertaken at Roma, Osvaldo will have the chance to portray himself in a completely different light to the one he left behind 18 months ago. That is of course, if Osvaldo has what it takes to translate his form from Spanish to Italian. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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