Parma fans plan protest

Corriere dello Sport has learned that Parma supporters are planning a bizarre protest at the club’s lunchtime kick-off on Sunday afternoon against Roma.
The home fans will remain seated and eat sandwiches when the two teams come out onto the pitch, in a light-hearted attempt to show their disliking for 12.30pm kick-offs.
Matches at this time are new to Serie A this season, but have attracted criticism from all quarters. Coaches and players have voiced their frustration, and even the Vatican have claimed that it shouldn’t be allowed in a Catholic country.
A statement from Parma’s ultra group read: “Seeing as this is lunchtime, especially for families who we are supposed to bring back to the stadiums, we invite all the fans to come to the Curva Nord with a sandwich.
“Let us all bring a sandwich and eat it when the teams step on to the pitch. We’ll eat to show those who think the only fans are to be fleeced sitting at home on their sofas.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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