Prandelli defends Serbian players and states fear shouldn’t be part of football

Azzurri coach Cesare Prandelli has defended the Serbian players following the aftermath of last night’s distressing scenes in Genoa.
The Italian also admitted that he feared for the safety of Italian fans as he witnessed Serbian ultras doing their utmost to smash their way through barricades to achieve confrontation.
The shambolic and disturbing events have left a bitter taste across the Peninsula as UEFA now await a report before the inevitable likelihood of an investigation can take place.
Prandelli was clearly taken back by the scenes which have shocked European football as a whole. He spoke at his press conference afterwards and defended the Serbian players who had been accused of inciting their supporters to cause such radical scenes. The former Viola Coach insists that the Eastern European’s are afraid to return home as they fear for their own safety as well as their families’ welfare.
“The Serbian players are under siege, they have homes and families and need to go home, they’re afraid.” he said.
“But football shouldn’t be afraid of ultras, the path is prevention. I don’t know what signs they made but they were clearly afraid.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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