Raiola: At Inter no one wanted Eto’o

In an interview that is going to be aired tonight on Premium Calcio, from which a short trailer has been shown, Mimmo Raiola, agent of the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mario Balotelli and Robinho, revealed that at Inter no one wanted Samuel Eto’o, “not even Mourinho, who was only interested in not losing Ibrahimovic”. He also disclosed some backstage of the transfer of the Swede to Milan. “I told Barcelona: if you want Ibra to stay here with Guardiola then call in for an ambulance at the training facility”.
He also mentioned that when he went to meet Manchester City about Balotelli, Robinho begged him to free him from the English club. The Brazilian was sure that if Ibra was going to City, Barcelona would have signed him. “I told him to relax”, continues Raiola, “I brought Ibra to Milan and then told Galliani: let’s go to England and sign Robinho before Barcelona do; and that’s how I brought him there too”.
Talking about Balotelli, he said: “one day Zlatan calls me and tells me: here at Inter there is a real talent, he does what he wants with the ball, and you must come and see him. I went and met Mario“. But it was only two years later that the young Italian called Raiola and asked him to be his agent. Asked if Balotelli is now happy, Raiola replied: “So so. But for him there is a plan. I promised him he will win three times the Golden Ball and he trusts me”.

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