Sabatini in for Roma, Baldini a possibility

Roma’s future president Thomas DiBenedetto is looking to shape his Roma side starting with the behind the scenes management staff. With Walter Sabatini having already agreed to work for Roma, the Giallorossi are looking to bring back Franco Baldini as General Director.
Sabatini is set to be a scout looking specifically in the South American department where the players are amongst the strongest. He will be allowed to start making contact with fellow clubs once the official transfer of ownership of the club goes through.
With the plan to incorporate Baldini in the new Roma side a plan must be made for both Baldini and Gian Paolo Montali, who will remain with the side after the transfer goes through, to co-exist in the working environment.
Baldini’s contract with the FA allows him to leave without having to pay any penalty, therefore should he wish to leave England he could do so with his own free will. Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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