Serie A goals of the Week – Podium Week 16

Football Italiano’s pick of the best goals Serie A could offer in Week 16.

Third place – Aleksandar Kolarov 39’ Lazio 1-0 Genoa

Kolarov picks the ball up in the trequarti, chips it lightly to evade the first defender and earns himself a run into the box. Even then his position should be relatively inoffensive and he is being rapidly closed. Kolarov struggles with the new defender, protects the ball, stays on his feet and releases an arrow into the corner of the net. Completely unpredictable, so much so that even the keeper cannot close the small space where the ball draws its trajectory. The goal invites some parallels with Diego Milito’s on the same day, but that of Kolarov is less messy and more exact. The Lazio player displays power, obstinacy and speed, all truly commendable. Unlike the endless tension from Milito’s in-box brawl, this goal comes from nowhere. It is a flash, and it leaves no more than burnt dust. The speed at which everything happens belies the difficulty of the athletic gesture itself – it’s one of those goals which Kolarov will probably never repeat, and which he’ll always remember.

Second place – Mark Bresciano 63’ – Milan 0-2 Palermo

The goal is notched by Bresciano, but the limelight belongs to Fabrizio Miccoli, truly the Lancelot of the night. Receiving the ball in his own half, Miccoli chips it over one of the best defenders in Italy (Alessandro Nesta) with a move of academic perfection. Tactically aware, he lengthens it down the midfield with a pass, sees it sent back and then renews the show with a double elusion of Luca Antonini – he skips the (violent) sliding tackle, then spins over the ball like Zinedine Zidane, albeit with one foot only, and thus avoids Antonini one second time. Finding himself free down the wing, he takes the ball into the box and smartly hands it over to Javier Pastore. Pastore in turn dribbles nicely in the box and shoots. The ball is blocked and then tapped in by Bresciano. The team-work is remarkable, but the aesthetic achievement belongs almost exclusively to the smooth geometry drawn by Miccoli down the entire San Siro pitch. A descent which is normally a prerogative of the greatest players in football, and all the more remarkable for having been scored against the devil, in the house of the devil. The somewhat dirty conclusion is the only thing that prevents it from claiming this week’s first place.

First place – Massimo Maccarone 66’ Siena 2-1 Udinese

Maccarone receives the ball wide out left on the trequarti. He throws a step-over almost casually, gaining time as he decides what to do. In the end he opts for feinting a vertical penetration and then abruptly switching towards the right and centre. Clearing the space with a long step forward, he shoots for the miracle – and hits a bull’s eye. The ball draws a superb diagonal arch with an interior spin which guides it into the back of the net, leaving the goalie utterly helpless (and probably speechless). Luck played its part, but courage and will played theirs better – Maccarone had already tried the same piece of skill earlier in the match and missed. His audacity was rewarded – the goal is magnificent and reminds us of Alessandro Del Piero in his golden age. It is also decisive. The open space that he found for the shot may leave some doubts on the competence of the Udinese defence at that specific moment, but for the elasticity of the dribbling, the audacity of the gesture and the fulminating, poisonous perfection of the curving shot, the ‘strike of the scorpion’ fully deserves the first place of the week.

Serie A goals of the Week – Podium

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