Serie B action round up – Week 28 – Torino impress, Brescia falter, and Lecce pass up another opportunity

Torino fulfilled their pre-season promise this week whilst Lecce missed out on taking another three points. Ancona’s promotion hopes took a blow as did Brescia’s who were undone by the majestic Mauricio Ferreira Pinilla.

Ascoli 4-2 Salernitana: Bottom club Salernitana have been surprising of late and looked like they maybe again when Federico Dionisi rounded the keeper for 1-0. Ascoli fought back through Arturo Lupoli but conceded a second when Georgios Kyriazis headed home. Ascoli missed a penalty but the continued pressure paid off and Andrea Luci scored from 30 yards followed by Arturo Lupoli and Christian Tiboni securing a 4-2 win for the home side.

Brescia 2-3 Grosseto: Marco Turati headed Grosseto ahead before two goals of sublime quality won this game. Mauricio Ferreira Pinilla ran from deep shimmying past defenders before rocketing the ball into the top corner from 30 yards. His second was of similar nature as he danced past two defenders on the edge of the box before unleashing a thunderbolt into the top corner. Davide Possanzini the scored a brace for Brescia but it was not enough for a comeback.

Cesena P-P Sassuolo (Fri 5th): This battle for promotion was abandoned after 74 minutes due to heavy snowfall. The match will be played at later date.

Cittadella 2-1 Empoli: Matteo Ardemagni’s header put the home side in front on 23 minutes, not satisfied with this he scored again this time with power from 12 yards on 63 minutes. Empoli tried hard to get back in the match and were rewarded when Diego Fabbrini’s scuffed volley found the back of the net, this was the end of the scoring however.

Crotone 0-3 Albinoleffe: This mid table battle saw the away team steal all three points. Omar Torri gave Albinoleffe the early lead before being sent off later in the game. Andrea Cristiano’s crashing shot and Gabriele Perico’s header finished off a convincing victory.

Gallipoli 1-2 Padova: Matias Claudio Cuffa tapped in an indirect free kick for the visitors on 25 minutes. This was followed up by an easy tap in for Andrea Soncin early in the second half. Consolation for Gallipoli came in the form of Rey Volpato’s poachers finish.

Mantova 2-2 Lecce: Simone Salviato pounced on a loose ball to tap the home side into the lead. Gianni Munari headed Lecce level on 35 minutes but then to the shock of the away side Alessandro Pellicori’s superb header gave the now ten men the lead. Lecce rescued a point seven minutes from time when Gianni Munari headed home.

Modena 2-1 Ancona: Salvatore Bruno connected with a through ball to squeeze home the opener for the home side after only 4 minutes. Alex Pinardi doubled the lead with a superb volley that showed off his excellent technical ability. Ancona pulled a goal back through Roberto Colacone but in truth had been poor today.

Piacenza 0-0 Reggina (Mon 8th): A dull featureless nil-nil draw was played out on Monday night with a point helping neither of the relegation bound teams. Both sides will think they missed out on a perfect opportunity to help their plight.

Torino 3-1 Frosinone: This game was all about Rolando Bianchi and the penalty spot, he scored one penalty on 42 minutes. Vincenzo Santoruvo headed an equaliser on the 57 minutes before another penalty from Bianchi was saved onto the post only for the Torino front man to tap in the rebound. Bianchi’s hat-tick was completed in the final minute when he scored a superbly executed scissor kick.

Triestina 0-0 Vicenza: A derby game it maybe but this point shared was no good to Triestina who languish in the relegation zone. Vicenza to would have hoped that the three points would have lifted them into mid table

Week 28 Results

Ascoli 4-2 Salernitana

Brescia 2-3 Grosseto

Cesena P-P Sassuolo (Fri 5th)

Cittadella 2-1 Empoli

Crotone 0-3 Albinoleffe

Gallipoli 1-2 Padova

Mantova 2-2 Lecce

Modena 2-1 Ancona

Piacenza 0-0 Reggina (Mon 8th)

Torino 3-1 Frosinone

Triestina 0-0 Vicenza

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