Sneijder: “I would kill and die for Mourinho”

Inter’s star Dutch man, Wesley Sneijder revealed to France Football his deep relationship with former Coach Josè Mourinho. The Special One has been known to build solid and intense relationships with his players and this has been evident in their dedication to the Portuguese.
In his interview with the weekly French magazine Sneijder declared “His way to show that he is able to manage any situation is incredible. Once he told me ‘Wesley you look tired, take some days off, go to the sun with your wife and your daughter.’
“All others coaches just talked about training, but he sent me to the beach. So I went to Ibiza for three days and when I was back, I was ready to kill and die for him.”

The midfielder also talked about the training methods of his former mentor: “The most important thing wasn’t the training itself, but the recovery. When we were playing just on Sunday we worked like mad during the week. Physical condition and tactics. We would capitalize for the upcoming fixtures.”
Sneijder concluded with a consideration on the type of leader Mou is “If you treat him badly, he treats you worse. You can’t be stupid with him.” Welcome Bonus Offer Betway

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