UniCredit and Sensi family review Roma bids

UniCredit, Italy’s biggest money lender and the Sensi Family are currently reviewing bids for the take over of Roma.
Compagnia Italpetroli SpA, the Sensis’ holding company said that “The bids will be examined considering quantitative and qualitative elements.”
It is believed that there are five parties bidding overall and Bloomberg reports that these are a US based investor group headed by Thomas DiBenedetto and Abu Dhabi’s Aabar Investments PJSC, the forerunners.
A French company active in the sports industry, the Rome-based Angelucci family and an unknown Middle Eastern investment fund have also been known to have submitted bids.
Gazzetta dello Sport claim that this has now turned into a three horse race with Thomas DiBenedetto, Abu Dhabi’s Aabar Investments PJSC and the Angelucci family leading the way.
The process will now take on the usual format as UniCredit will firstly look at each bid including their relative bank guarantees, making sure each bid is serious and can be backed up.
The next stage is that today the bids will be submitted to Italpetroli’s board of directors who will have to assess them over the next few days before selecting a winner.
The odds on favourite for the takeover is still the American based Thomas DiBenedetto who has reportedly bid 130 million euros to gain a 50% million-euro credit line for Roma.

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